CMF Solutions offers one-to-one coaching from experienced coaches.

The coaching process consists of a series of confidential discussions, during which the client is supported through a process of clarifying the aim of the coaching and identifying the means to achieve that aim. Clear action plans are agreed during each session, and followed up in subsequent coaching meetings.

Typically the need for coaching is identified either by the client themselves, or by their manager. It may be that the person is struggling with an aspect of their current role, or perhaps they will shortly be facing a new challenge and need help in preparing for it.

At an initial meeting the coach discusses the aims of the coaching process with the individual and, if the coaching has been requested by their manager, with the manager. One the coaching starts these aims are refined, and the coach, through application of their own coaching skills and wider experience in business, supports the client through developing and understanding the changes they wish to make. After the initial discussion with the manager, all of the coaching conversations are totally confidential between client and coach, and will not be shared in any way with other people, either within CMF Solutions or within the client’s organisation, unless specifically authorised by the client.

Coaching aims to make a difference to performance, and hence action planning is an important part of the process. At the end of each coaching session the client will define the actions they intend to take before the next meeting.

It is our experience that typically four to eight sessions are required to achieve the aims of the coaching. However this is very much a guide; each case is unique. The initial sessions tend to be taken close together – say two weeks apart – with later sessions being spread at say monthly intervals so that progress can be monitored and support given through any hurdles faced.

CMF Solutions offers a select group of experienced coaches who all share a genuine desire to help other people develop, and the coaching skills needed to achieve this. Coach and client are carefully matched to ensure the most rewarding coaching experience possible.

To find out whether coaching may be right for you, please contact us.

Coaching can provide support in a wide range of situations. However a significant proportion of our work is in the following areas:

Developing your interaction skills
Developing your leadership skills
Preparing for change