Delivery of Change

'Change is inevitable, management of it is crucial; failure leads to elimination'

Change is an opportunity - but can be seen as a threat. Staff may see it as a chance to develop personally, or may be unwilling or unable to keep up. Successful change depends upon having both a thoroughly researched, appropriate, detailed plan for transition and also a committed workforce.

Choosing the right approach to change depends on a number of factors including the scale of change needed, the urgency, the current state of the organisation and its history. Often an organisation embarks on a change process without recognising all the factors and issues, and discovers part way through that it is not going well. CMF Solutions can provide advice up front, helping in the planning of the change process and then if required assisting implementation, or can help recover a change process that it not progressing to plan. Our approach is to use the extensive experience of appropriate staff who will apply change management theory, tempered with experience, to ensure the best chance of success for a client.

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