Developing your Interaction skills

CMF Solutions is proud to be accredited to use the well-known and respected Team Management Profile from TMSDI to support its one-to-one coaching.

Team Management Profile

Reproduced with kind permission of TMS Development International Ltd. 

Each of us has our own set of natural preferences for the way in which we work and interact with others – for example some of us are naturally extrovert and will enjoy tossing ideas around a group to decide the best way forwards, whereas some of us are more introvert and prefer to think things through quietly and then share a well thought-out plan with colleagues.

To interact effectively with others we need to recognise our own preferences and also those of our colleagues, boss, subordinates, customers etc. Once we recognise our preferences we can then build on our natural strengths and also recognise where we might gain from modifying our behaviour.

Prior to a coaching session our client will be asked to complete a questionnaire. This provides information on natural strengths and potential pitfalls, and supports a highly constructive and focused discussion leading to specific action planning. The client is provided with a personal 5000 word report showing their own Team Management Profile.

Our experience indicates that this style of one-to-one coaching is highly effective in helping clients to make a significant improvement to the effectiveness of how they interact with others.

The Team Management Profile may also be used with a group of people, to support development of team working and performance.

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