Developing your Leadership Skills

Leading a team is both exciting and challenging. Suddenly the skills and behaviours used in the previous job – probably the skills and behaviours that got you the promotion to this job – are not what you need to use any more if you are to succeed.

As we move through our careers we go through ‘transitions’, where the focus of the job we do changes. This is admirably covered in the book ‘The Leadership Pipeline’ by Charan, Drotter and Noel’  and is discussed in our article.

CMF Solutions offers a course, ‘New to Management’ that may be used for a group of managers who are going through the first transition, i.e. the move into a first line management role. For individual managers who are facing particular challenges, or for more senior staff moving through later transitions, it is likely that one-to-one coaching will be highly effective in helping them to achieve their potential.

Following an introductory discussion with the client and / or their manager, a coach is carefully matched to the client needs. If thought appropriate the Team Management Profile may be used to develop understanding of the Leadership challenges being faced. The coaching focuses on developing a true understanding of the gaps between current and potential or required performance and then supports the client through the development of actions and strategies to make the desired changes. Later coaching sessions check progress from the previous session and then plan for further changes.

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