People Development

'An organisation's strength is its people'

For staff to fulfil their potential they need both a growth opportunity and the skills to take advantage of it.  They may benefit from learning about, for example, developing individuals in their team, or managing their own time more effectively.
In today's fast-paced business environment it is more important than ever that coaching is timely and focused, and that training really delivers its objectives.

CMF Solutions can work one to one with individuals to help them face a new challenge, or can develop and deliver tailored group training to enhance the capability of the organisation.

Performance management - introduction or improvement of a performance management culture in an organisation

Appraisal processes - introduction of an appraisal process; improving the effectiveness of an existing process

Coaching - workshop based training in a simple and effective coaching model, to support the development of individuals and the whole organisation; effective feedback

Mentoring - introduction of the concept of mentoring to the organisation;
one to one or group training on the role of a mentor and the skills to support the role;

Time management - individual or group targeted training

Problem solving - tools and techniques to improve problem solving effectiveness

Behavioural styles - understanding your own style and that of others; working effectively within teams

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